Q. Will you stick to your schedule? Every person I've had in keeps me waiting for weeks.
A. Our jobs are scheduled to allow for some time in between, just in case, precisely for that reason - so you are not kept waiting forever. You'll get a realistic timeframe, and appointments will be kept on a first come, first served basis, unless a customer has a genuine emergency.

Q. Who buys the materials, you or your customer?
A. You decide. If you have the time, the knowledge and the vehicle, and you go ahead and buy all of your materials, you will save money. If you don't want the aggravation, we'll take care of the shopping. You'll get an invoice for the time spent, as well as for the cost of gas.

Q. Would you be willing to work with me, and help me as I tackle the work? I am pretty good at it, but need an extra pair of hands - and sometimes, an extra pair of eyes and a brain, as well!
A. Sure; the rates are the same for "Support" as for regular work, but there are some Project Guys customers for whom this is the best approach.

Q. Will you really tackle those small jobs that my husband never has time to do, like putting up shelves and hanging pictures?
A. You bet! "Honey-Do" projects are our specialty.

Q. Can you help with appliance repair?
A. Sure can - dishwashers, small appliances, washing and drying machines, no problem.

Q. Our grandchildren gave us a computer - but installing it is a whole other story! We cannot find anyone willing to come to the house and do it!
A. The Projects Guys can handle that, too - setting it up, arranging for cable hookup, and even showing you how to get started, so your grandchildren will be really surprised.

Q. Would you travel to our vacation home and get it ready for the summer?
A. Yes, of course - we'll work on an estimate to include travel time.

Q. I had planned to get a home theater ready for next fall, but it turned out to be too big a project for me.
A. Home theaters and electronic wiring are personal passions of mine.

Q. Do you clean up after your are done?
A. Absolutely - our customers always compliment us on how we leave the premises in great shape when we leave!


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